A Taste of Brunch Photo Shoot | Arkansas Advertising Photographer

Are you hungry yet???

 KES Photo | Karen E. Segrave

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with the creative team at P. Allen Smith, partnering with Bonnie Plants, to work on their latest issue of "A Taste of the Garden"

We photographed this issue over two days at a private home in Little Rock featuring all things brunch. I photographed a variety of items ranging from potato hash to mini pancakes to savory butters.

 KES Photo | Karen E. Segrave

The brunch table setting, designed and styled by Laura Grimes, featured bright summer colors in hues of purple, green and orange. I also have to give a shout-out to Victoria Gross and her fabulous cooking skills. The chocolate and mint mini pancakes pictured below were just as tasty as it sounds.

 KES Photo | Karen E. Segrave

This was probably one of my favorite photo shoots for P. Allen Smith. Food photography is easily one of my favorite things to photograph. I just love the challenges it brings. I am overwhelmingly pleased with the photos and based on the feedback I've heard, so are my clients.

Be sure to check back in the weeks to come for the next issue of "A Taste of the Garden".

Shamless Self-Promotion

Last Thursday evening, I attended our local American Advertising Awards, formerly the ADDYs. The AAF is the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition for advertising.

Our company, BackFocus Productions, entered a single category. And we won. One entry. One award.

Our new AAF award will keep the Telly's company on the mantle.

Our new AAF award will keep the Telly's company on the mantle.

The video we won for was for EVRlock. 

EVRlock is a high strength connection used in the oil and natural gas industry. EVRlock was designed to withstand the high pressures and strains that modern drilling techniques, such as horizontal drilling and fracking, places on these types of connections.The EVRlock connections are so precise that the threads are measured down to the micron.

The video seen below is not just about the connector, but the people behind to scenes that help make, measure, design and test the connections. EVRlock not only makes a great connector, but the company works to make a great connection to their clients.

I am so proud of this video and the AAF award it won.