What my clients are saying


Karen came highly recommended as a portrait photographer with excellent photojournalism skills. We needed both – and we got them with Karen. She captured candids, action shots and close up portraits of life inside the walls of a children’s hospital. Her images have graced the covers of our magazines and raised thousands of dollars for us.

She listens. Karen takes the time to ask questions about the project. She integrates herself into your team seamlessly by listening to your needs, your wants and the ultimate purpose for the photography. I feel involved in decisions and am a valued partner in every moment of the photo shoot. As a result, she delivers an exceptional product every time.

Karen is a very talented photographer, but she is also a wonderful people person. I’ve watched her put nervous parents at ease and charm the pants off difficult doctors. She brings out the best in her subjects with her warm personality.

     Jennifer Cobb Pyron | Director of Communications & Planning | Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation

Karen was recommended to us and that recommendation has been one of the best we’ve ever gotten. We had reviewed her website and saw that she had a keen eye for on-site portrait type photos as well as a creative look with simple shots of products and the production process. This was an ideal match for our steel manufacturing client. After our first photo shoot using Karen, there honestly isn’t another photographer we have used since. Our agency is in Atlanta. Our client is in Chicago. And their manufacturing plants are located all over Canada and the U.S. But one would think we all work in the same office with how seamless her process is when working with clients.

The best thing about working with Karen is that you know you’ll receive a vast amount of quality, unique, and creative-looking photography no matter what she is shooting. Seeing her work on location, she takes extreme care is making sure each shot receives the lighting attention, detail, and best angles to make it a great as possible. She is a constant communicator during the process to keep us informed of what she’s doing, how she’s doing it, ideas she has, and overall reassurance that the job is getting done.

I think one of the things I like about Karen is that she is versatile. She’s not a “one trick pony” photographer like some out there that will only shoot “their style.” She adapts to the scene. For our steel manufacturing client, Karen had to shoot steel workers on the production line and glamorize their environment. She nailed that. Then she had to turn around and shoot some random hot steel pipe and plate as it was coming down the production line. The photos came out gorgeous. And then head outside to shoot the final assembly of steel products being loaded onto a truck. Each and every shot was a work of art and ultimately helped elevate our client’s brand in the brochures and websites we’ve created using this photography. Top that all off with a photographer who is incredibly easy to work with, and it’s a perfect combination for success.

     Chris Steele | STEELE+ Marketing

Karen is an abundantly talented photographer who is set apart from others in her field by her professionalism and personable manner. Her direct, yet affable, demeanor lent itself to an efficient photo shoot, and our results were outstanding. She is someone who understands the difference between getting the shot that you think you want - and getting the shot that you actually need - and she puts in the work to make that happen.

Chris Danforth, | Director of Marketing and Technology | Restoration Eye Care

I’ve worked with a lot of good photographers over the years. They would be great at taking a photo, as long as I provided precise instructions on exactly what I wanted. With Karen, I need only tell her the concept I am trying to portray. From there, she will begin to seek out the right photo to match my needs, often without me even being there.

Karen has great instincts. She can help you find a photo or angle for your project that you may have never even considered.

     Nathan Pittman | Communications Director | Southern Bancorp

If you hire Karen, you can rest assured that she will bring an intense focus to the project. She will work tirelessly to ensure you get the shots that you need.

     Jeff LeMaster | Director of Communications and Marketing | Winthrop Rockefeller Institute

She is organized and has a great eye for what looks good on camera. She exceeded my expectations.

      Lindsey Binz | Owner/Designer | Lindsey Binz Home Company