Week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures | August 17 - August 28

From it's waaaayyyyy to early in the morning to disassembled diesel engines...these past two weeks covered them all.

And yes my feet do have ever-present Chaco's tan lines.

 The week in Pictures

The Week in Pictures: August 3-August 14

Well it's two weeks in pictures actually.

The last two weeks have been mostly outdoors with the sun on my shoulders. I have the Chaco tan lines on my feet to prove it. Along with suncreen. And lots of it. And bug spray. And heat. Oh my the heat!

It's been interesting to say the least!

The Week in Pictures: July 20-24

My calendar for this week was pretty light. That was by my own doing. I had my parents visiting this week so I cleared my calendar as much as I could to spend time with my parents whom I had not seen since Christmas. But work can't stop entirely, mom and dad know that. Family first....always. 

Here's a colorful teaser to my Week in Pictures...or should I say Week in Picture.

 The week in pictures