Week in Pictures: May 18-22

This past week was pretty light overall compared to last week. The first part of the week was spent as two wonderful days on a food photo shoot for one of my favorite clients. Those photos should be ready and published in a few weeks, but for now, here are some of my behind-the-scenes photos.

I do have a to give a big shout-out to the folks at MagMod for their wonderful strobe diffusers and modifiers. I've been using these for months on my executive portrait photo shoots, but this was my first opportunity to use them on a food photo shoot. With each magnet grid you add, it narrows the beam of light. Two grids later and you had a narrow beam that made for a perfect kicker light. 

I also accompanied BackFocus Productions on a quick B-Roll shoot in downtown Little Rock on the one evening that wasn't cloudy and rainy.