Video Project for Backfocus Productions | Little Rock Arkansas Video Production Company

Many of you might not know this but I am co-owner of Backfocus Productions.

We are a full service video production company based right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. We specialize in local and national commercials. We develop industrial and educational videos as well as political spots and web-based video content

Our latest video project is just the latest of our industrial videos: A training video for the Rubber and Gasket Co., of America.

RGA is a nation-wide industrial rubber distributor and fabricator. If you need any type of industrial rubber product or fluid-moving hose, RGA has it; gasket cutting, belt vulcanization, hose assembly, metal hose, and expansion joint welding.

RGA contacted us asking for an in-house training video for their employees with a strong emphasis on how to safely handle and cut their products.

We worked closely with the client in all aspects of this project: script writing, VO recording, graphics, the production day and the entire edit.

For your next video project, give us a call at 501-772-2753 or drop us an e-mail. We'd love to talk with you and give you an estimate.

Here are some of the Behind-the-Scenes photos from the day's production.

I was producer so I didn't have time to use a real camera. These are iPhone snaps.