The Week in Pictures: June 30-July 3

The past week brought me everything from a colorful goldfish mural to brittle law books dating back before 1880.

What will next week bring?

This past weekend we also celebrated this great nation's 239th birthday.

To celebrate, I did nothing. Literally nothing. I didn't barbeque anything. I didn't shoot off any fireworks. I didn't photograph any either. I didn't visit any water source: pool, lake, beach or river. The only water source I visited was my shower. I did a little yoga on Saturday morning and little else.

HBO was reshowing their 2008 mini-series "John Adams" all day. And that's all I did. Watch John Adams.

And it was perfectly fine with me.

Below is the first fireworks photo I took when I was a staffer at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This was shot in 1999.

And shot on chrome.