Video Work

Goodwill | Teresa: 2017 Achiever of the Year

When you donate items to your local Goodwill store, have you ever stopped and wondered what happens to those items?

I mean really stopped and thought about it?

To you, you're getting rid of clothing you no longer want, gently used kitchen pots and pans or perhaps furniture and household items. But to someone at Goodwill, those items can be life-changing.

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas does so much more for Arkansas than being a retail store. The items you donate that are sold in stores across the state and the proceeds go to fund programs that help members of the community.

One the those programs is the Transitional Employment Opportunities program, or TEO. This program helps people who have committed nonviolent crimes and have served their time to transition back into daily lives. The TEO program gives them hands-on job training, current employment status and helps them get back into a daily routine of living and being a contributing member of society. 

The video is a testament to the lives changed because of Goodwill. Watch Teresa's story and you'll see why and know that everyone deserves a second chance. Goodwill gave her that second chance.

Along with BackFocus Productions and Kumpuris Communications, I was honored to work on this project. We would like to congratulate Teresa on her award.  

So go out and donate to Goodwill Industries of Arkansas.

Video project for Georgia Pacific.

How do you highlight the capabilities of a product before the product has been manufactured?  

You build it in 3D of course!  

We worked directly with Steele+ out of Atlanta, to help Georgia Pacific create a marketing video to showcase the highlights of this new product before it made it to the market.  

After taking on a project like this you see why it takes years to make an animated movie. Big budget movies have hundreds of animators and artists working on them. We had two. This turned out to be a great collaboration project working with the talented Jeff Holsted and Chris Roe, two artists we have known and worked with for years.  

This project took about five weeks to complete once we were given a script and a direction to take it in. Once that was in place, you fine tune the script, lay-out the direction and break in down into small pieces. 

It's a lot of work, but the client was amazed at the final result, which is all you can ask for.  

Video Project for Backfocus Productions | Little Rock Arkansas Video Production Company

Many of you might not know this but I am co-owner of Backfocus Productions.

We are a full service video production company based right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. We specialize in local and national commercials. We develop industrial and educational videos as well as political spots and web-based video content

Our latest video project is just the latest of our industrial videos: A training video for the Rubber and Gasket Co., of America.

RGA is a nation-wide industrial rubber distributor and fabricator. If you need any type of industrial rubber product or fluid-moving hose, RGA has it; gasket cutting, belt vulcanization, hose assembly, metal hose, and expansion joint welding.

RGA contacted us asking for an in-house training video for their employees with a strong emphasis on how to safely handle and cut their products.

We worked closely with the client in all aspects of this project: script writing, VO recording, graphics, the production day and the entire edit.

For your next video project, give us a call at 501-772-2753 or drop us an e-mail. We'd love to talk with you and give you an estimate.

Here are some of the Behind-the-Scenes photos from the day's production.

I was producer so I didn't have time to use a real camera. These are iPhone snaps.