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When it rains, don't fight it. Play in it.

It's been a miserably wet spring. So many of my photo shoots were either postponed due to rain, or moved indoors. My photo shoot for the June issue of Little Rock Special Family was no exception. But photographing two very active children indoors is not ideal.

So instead of fighting the rain (downpour actually), we played in it. 


 Little Rock Special Family Magazine

This issue of Special Family features the Carper family. The story features both Caroline and her brother cole. Both kids have a rare inherited eye disease that appears early in life and is responsible for blindness or very low vision. But today, both children have the gift of sight thanks to a ground-breaking surgery. You can read more on the family, and see more photos, in their digital issue. 

Also featured in this same issue of Little Rock Special Family is a fun story on a program that offers job training and life skills to those with developmental disabilities. I photographed the B.R.A.V.O. (Bridging Recreational and Vocational Opportunities) Program at Independent Care Management (ICM).

 Little Rock Special Family Magazine

The non-profit organization services Arkansans with disabilities. I photographed those who work at Biscuits, a local retail store in Little Rock that makes gourmet pet treats. You can read more on the program by going here.

Chasing New Dreams

The April issue of Little Rock Family features one of Central Arkansas' most familiar faces, former Pulaski County Judge Buddy Villines. You can see a variety of Villines' handiwork just about anywhere in Pulaski County. 

One of his more popular ideas is one of Little Rock's most popular outdoor areas: The Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park.

Buddy met with considerable opposition when it came to his ideas for the Big Dam Bridge and the Two Rivers Bridge and Park because the projects seemed too far-fetched and expensive. “People said we can’t do it and that we needed to cut our losses,” Buddy shares. “Leadership is sometimes like that. You have to just decide and do it.”

“The projects have had a remarkable impact. They have changed the culture of the community. All of the pieces impact the family. There are testimonials of people who have said the bridges have changed their lives. In an era of obesity, kids get interested in activity instead of video games. At any given time, you can see family groups and a real cultural mix. That’s why we have the “Family” sculpture by Kevin Kresse out there. It’s the story of what’s going on. A hundred years from now there’ll still be that scene – people teaching kids to ride bikes, people with pets, moms with strollers,” he explains.

As a photographer, I've spent a lot of time at both the Big Dam Bridge and the Two Rivers Bridge and Park. If you haven't been there, take some time this weekend and pay each of them a visit.

Green Guide 2015 | Portraits | Arkansas Photographer

A few months ago, I worked with Arkansas Business Publishing Group, and Art Director Erin Lang, photographing a series of Eco Hero Portraits for the 2015 issue of Green Guide. 

If you haven't eaten at The Root, you're missing out!

If you haven't eaten at The Root, you're missing out!


Green Guide is an annual publication designed to make it easier for Arkansans to live greener lives. It includes tips and trends to green your home, work and community; profiles of eco-heroes who are leading the charge; and a comprehensive resource guide of eco-friendly products and services in Arkansas.

Green Guide is always a blast to photograph and quite informative at the same time. The Eco-Heroes are scattered throughout the state and it gives me a great opportunity to see and learn what the states leading green innovators are doing in their particular field.