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Green Guide 2015 | Portraits | Arkansas Photographer

A few months ago, I worked with Arkansas Business Publishing Group, and Art Director Erin Lang, photographing a series of Eco Hero Portraits for the 2015 issue of Green Guide. 

If you haven't eaten at The Root, you're missing out!

If you haven't eaten at The Root, you're missing out!


Green Guide is an annual publication designed to make it easier for Arkansans to live greener lives. It includes tips and trends to green your home, work and community; profiles of eco-heroes who are leading the charge; and a comprehensive resource guide of eco-friendly products and services in Arkansas.

Green Guide is always a blast to photograph and quite informative at the same time. The Eco-Heroes are scattered throughout the state and it gives me a great opportunity to see and learn what the states leading green innovators are doing in their particular field.

Environmental Portrait | Yellow Rocket Concepts - Arkansas Photographer

I recently met up and photographed the team at Yellow Rocket Concepts for Arkansas Business. Local Lime in the Promenade at Chenal with the setting.

 Karen E. Segrave | KES Photo

Yellow Rockey Concepts. L to R: John Beachboard, Scott McGehee and Russ McDonough

If you've never heard of YRC, that's fine. Most people haven't, but you certainly know them by what they do.

These men, John Beachboard, Scott McGehee and Russ McDonough are the partnership behind some of Little Rock's most popular - and successful - local restaurants: Local Lime, Heights Taco & Tamale Company. ZaZa Fine Salad & Wood Oven Pizza Co., Big Orange and Lost Forty Brewing.

If you haven't had the chance to eat, or drink, at any of these local places, you're missing out. The spinach enchiladas from Local Lime and the ZaZa Italian Sausage Pizza are tops on my list.


Spiritual Transformation

The March issue of Little Rock Family Magazine has hit this stands and this month's issue features the DeYmaz family.

Mark DeYmaz is the Mosaic Church Directional Leader. He’s made his life’s work about shining light in dark places, everything from human souls to broken down and blighted buildings in the heart of Little Rock.

 Karen E. Segrave | KES Photo

This months feature describes The Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas’ as a multi-ethnic, economically diverse, community of faith where a significant percentage of Black, White, Hispanics and people from over 30 nations walk, work and worship God as one. There is an additional Arkansas location in Conway, and locations in Durham, North Carolina and LaCoruna, Spain.

“We encourage unity and diversity from a leadership and staff level. Our services flow intrinsically through who we are. We expanded our influence on 72204 and beyond,” affirms Mark. “We are now buying the old Kmart on South University and raising funds to completely build out and improve the space. We have a plan for our Wal-Mart space as well, leaving a wonderful footprint in place for the renter and community. Not only the church, but all of its programs will be carried over with us.”

I spent time a few weeks ago photographing the DeYmaz family in their Little Rock home and the love and closeness this family shares cannot be understated