Southern Bancorp Annual Report

Earlier this spring, I teamed up again with the wonderful staff at Southern Bancorp for a two-day photo shoot in Arkansas and Mississippi for photos for their 2013 Annual Report.

Southern Bancorp is one of the largest and most profitable rural development banking organizations in the United States. Southern has the physical presence, infrastructure, and capacity to drive regional change. Southern Bancorp’s revitalization initiatives are advanced through its family of community development banks and non-profit affiliates, known collectively as Southern.

Southern’s focus on rural development is best indicated by the fact that its offices are located in small rural communities, most with populations of 15,000 or less. The mission of Southern is a personal responsibility of its employees who live, work, and raise families in the communities served by Southern.

This is the second year I've worked with Southern and I can tell you first hand the work they do in rural communities makes a difference. The evidence is clear when you meet the families and small business owners who work closely with Southern to help them achieve their dream. Each and every time I drive into a region where Southern has a presence, I can see new construction, new building facades and a more energized downtown.

You can read more about Southern's Annual Report by going here.