Snow Day

For years, I was never really able to enjoy the snow. 

I spent nearly 20 years working for newspapers and whenever there was a major snowfall, I had to work. I never got to take a "snow day."

This year was different. 

Growing up in New Orleans, snowfall was rare. Really rare. If it did snow, it was just a dusting. I never saw real snow until I moved to Arkansas.  

But I always had to work. Yes, it was my job and I LOVED my job, but I just wanted to enjoy it from a spectators point of view, not from behind the lens.  

So as four inches of snow quietly fell overnight (preceded by two inches and five hours of heavy sleet) I could not wait to enjoy a snow day. 

I didn't build a snowman. I didn't sled.

I just walked and enjoyed the beauty of my own neighborhood.

And I loved it.