Shiny New and Improved

  Hello to everyone.

After nearly three years, my corporate and editorial site is finally revamped.  Yes, for those of you who do know me well, this site nearly mirrors my non-editorial site, my weddings website.  Take a stroll on over and have a peek at Photography by KES Weddings.

This website, and KES Weddings would not have been possible with the incredible work and design by Michelle Hedegard and her team at the Fayetteville, AR-based, Mockingbird Creative, Inc.  She also designed my husband's site....see below for details.

I'll start with a fresh batch of blog posts in the coming days featuring my latest freelance assignment which was hands down the best assignments I've had in more than a year.  I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with my wonderful husband who owns Backfocus Productions.  Shooting stills along side of Mike was different.  We worked together very well as a team and didn't get into each others way, at least not too much!

We spent three, fast-paced and exhausting days shooting at corporate video.  We also made some new friends too.  Charles and his crew at Incubate Media, based in Johannesburg, or Joburg as the locals call it, were great to work along side with and they were even more fun once you got a few drinks in them.  More on that later!

But for now, thanks for stopping by.