Enviornmental Business Portrait | Jan Collier with AT&T

We've all had this problem: You place a call from your cell phone, or send a text message, and it doesn't go through.

I recently photographed Jan Collier, AT&T vice president and general manager for Arkansas and Oklahoma to accompany a story in Arkansas Business about how AT&T and Verizon have each have spent tens of millions of dollars building infrastructure in Arkansas to help prevent such problems.

 Karen E. Segrave | KES Photo

Jan Collier, AT&T vice president and general manager for Arkansas and Oklahoma.

According to the article published from Arkansas Business, two projects completed by AT&T in recent years were aimed at improving coverage for patients and employees at two Little Rock hospitals. AT&T’s wireless network in Arkansas and Oklahoma, said installing such a systems in hospitals can sometimes be challenging, such as when a signal must be distributed down a hall from a central room that contains all the hardware. The company’s engineers sometimes have to get creative, but the signal has to be delivered one way or the other.

After finding out more about the story, I felt photographing Ms. Collier in her office would be pretty boring. So after a few emails, we arranged a photo tour of one of these infrastructure projects at UAMS. In short, we headed into the basement where all this tech stuff is located.

I wanted to keep the portrait clean, simple and easy to read as "tech". I used three lights:

  • One XS Octabox as my key light at camera right.
  • one speed light gelled with a blue party geld and a 40-degree grid.
  • one speed light with a snoot for a little accent light on her right side.

We were in a very small space with low ceilings so I had to keep my lights to a minimal and something that didn't take up too much of a footprint.