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I look forward to any photo shoot I have with Evo Business Environments because I know I will be photographing another beautifully decorated workspace.

My recent project for Evo at Coulson Oil did not disappoint.

Coulson OIl was already a new client of mine. I had worked with them in depth on a recent project to provide art work for their new corportate headquarters which, at the time, was still under construction. I found out towards the end of my project that Evo was providing the interiors so I was very excited at the prospect of photographing the new HQ when it was completed….and seeing my artwork on the walls. You can read more on that project elsewhere on my blog.

Coulson Oil Headquarters. North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Coulson Oil Headquarters. North Little Rock, Arkansas.

What I love about working with Evo is each new location I photograph for them offers a completely different look and feel than the one before.