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Recent Executive Portraits | Arkansas Portrait Photographer

I was recently contacted by the senior designer for e.Republic | Smart Media for Public Sector Innovation for a photo shoot for the annual Heath and Human Services special report. It is a research report from the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government.

This year they featured Arkansas own Dr. William Golden, Medical Director for Arkansas Medicaid.

Health and Human Services Special Report 2015

I photographed Dr. Golden at the Arkansas Department of Human Services building in downtown Little Rock. My client e-mailed me a few PDFs of what they used in past issues so I wanted to keep with a consistent look. Many of the sample she sent me were pretty conservative.

After looking around the DHS building, I opted for three locations. I took a chance and used DHS' bright orange stairwell. You don't see things like this too often in a state-run building. I also asked Dr. Golden to wear favorite suit and bring a clean and pressed lab coat.

This is the feedback I received from my client,

"I love the orange! It's not something that you are used to seeing and I think it is a nice change. I also love that you had Dr. Golden wear different clothes."

Below is the original photo, plus the "safe" option they used in their table of contents. I thought for sure they'd use the literal shot, but I am so glad they opted for something different.

Drink Your Garden | Arkansas Advertising Photographer

Are you thirsty yet?

 P. Allen Smith. Bonnie Plants.
Day of Drinks

If you're like me and live in Arkansas, or just about anywhere in the deep south, you're in the midst of an awfully hot and humid summer. High temperatures here in Arkansas have hovered in the upper 90s with a few locations topping out over 100 degrees just about every day for the last month.

Sadly, no relief from the sweltering temperatures is in sight.

But there is relief as close as your kitchen with cool, savory drinks you can easily make at home.

In early June, I teamed up once again with the creative team at P. Allen Smith, partnering with Bonnie Plants, to work on their latest issue of A Taste of the Garden.

We photographed this issue over two days at a private home in Little Rock featuring all things drinks. I photographed a variety of items ranging from Southern iced tea to infused waters and a killer good Lemon Basil Martini. That recipe came courtesy of our very own Capital Hotel.

And oh my was it great. It was the PERFECT way to wrap our two day photo shoot.

 P. Allen Smith. Bonnie Plants.
Day of Drinks

The idea is pretty simple and quite tasty; instead of resorting to sodas to wet your palate, try using some of the wonderful things you've grown in your garden with Bonnie Plants and create fresh and new drink ideas. For their series on infused waters (above photo at left) you can use items such as: mint, stevia and even cucumber to add flavor to water. All of these plants are available from Bonnie Plants.

 P. Allen Smith. Bonnie Plants.
Day of Drinks

To involve the kiddos, try making a watermelon slushie (above). And you don't have to actually be a kid to enjoy this. It's a perfect drink for any summer's day...for kids of all ages.

For the adults, the tangy and tomato juice (below at right) is perfect accompaniment for lunch!

The muddled mint and strawberry orange juice (below) is simply delicious. It's perfect by itself or add a splash, or a generous amount of champagne, for your next Sunday brunch.

And if you're looking for great ideas for something fresh and new for your next brunch, P. Allen Smith and Bonnie Plants shares a lot of great recipes in their A Taste of Brunch which I photographed in May. You can see the photos and recipes by going here.

 P. Allen Smith. Bonnie Plants.
Day of Drinks

Here are a few fun Behind the Scenes iPhone snaps from the photo shoot.

Recent Executive Portrait | George Makris | Arkansas Portrait Photographer

One of my recent photo shoot with Arkansas Business took me high above downtown Little Rock. My subject was George Makris, chairman and CEO of Simmons First National Corporation. The photos were for an Arkansas Business profile on Makris and Simmons recent and explosive growth in the banking world.

George Makris, chairman and CEO of Simmons First National Corp.

George Makris, chairman and CEO of Simmons First National Corp.

I had several other angles of Mr. Makris showing the skyline of downtown Little Rock, but it was a very hot, humid and extremely hazy July afternoon so the city looked quite ugly. So I revamped my angles to find something very powerful and dynamic.