Beer to Farm to Table: JV Farms & Superior Bathhouse Brewery

I've spent a lot of time over the past year working with Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs photographing varying projects. But one I did over the summer was one of my favorites.

JV Farms is a small, family, homestead farm located in Bismarck, Arkansas. They use organic and sustainable practices and offer a variety of items such as: free-range eggs, whole hog sausage, rabbits, pasture-raised lamb and seasonal produce. JV Farms sausage and other pork products can be found daily on the menu at Superior.   I can attest to how good their bratwurst it.

Once the brewing process at Superior is complete, the spent grains are then scooped out and dumped into buckets. But what to do with it? Jay Lee, the owner of JV Farms picks up the spent grains who then feeds it to his pigs. To the pigs, it's like eating candy.

On a very hot afternoon in late July, I spent the evening at JV Farms during the feeding of the little (and big) piggies and then afterwards, it was dinner for everyone. You cannot beat the smell of fresh, artisan bratwurst on the grill.

Superior and JV Farms takes the Farm to Table concept one step further: Just add beer!