Arkansas Children's Hospital

Over the summer, I was invited to participate in a photo project for Arkansas Children's Hospital.  The project was a two-part photo documentary on a day at ACH.   Myself and a handful of other Little-Rock and Arkansas' based photographers were asked to participate.  I was more than happy (and honored) to contribute to the project. I was asked to photograph a few aspect of ACH:  Kaylee, a cutie of a girl who is battling cancer, a day in the burn unit, and doctors using an animatronic doll to help them detect child abuse.

The project was rolled out into two parts.  The first is a 16-page insert in the November issue of Soiree' Magazine.  You can see the special section by going here and the ACH section starts on page 50/51.  My contributing photos are below.

There will be more photos coming out in December during Arkansas Children's Hospital annual fundraiser, Miracle Ball.  Once those publish, I plan to do an extensive blog post about my day in the burn unit as well as other photos I took at Arkansas Children's Hospital.



My photo is the smaller one at right.